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Advocate of Soul

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Start Living Your Ideal Life Today

Are you playing a part for almost everyone you know, including yourself? Have you been living on autopilot, unaware of the years of conditioning that have created your life?

Do you want to unearth the REAL YOU and live from the place of AUTHENTICITY?

If you said YES to any of these questions, then book a DISCOVERY CALL to see how Advocate of Soul can help you move from a place of limitation into expansive purpose and joy.

Your UNIQUE and SACRED PATH awaits!

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Do you need clarity, guidance, and practical tools to step into a life of possibility, freedom and expansion thru aligning with your soul? 

Do you want to harness a growth mindset by letting go of beliefs and patterns from the past that have kept you limited and playing it small?

Change your life with an alighned yes! It will be worth it! Your entire being will be thankful you did! 

Get started TODAY!

Advocate of Soul

What We Offer

Inner Journeying

Mindfulness & Meditation, Breath Work, Religious Release Sessions, Sound & Light activations, Cacao Ceremony, Medicine Wheel Transmissions

Well- Being

Heart Coherence Strategies,
Quality of Life Checkups, Arts & Creativity, Journaling, Divine Eating, Connecting to Nature's Medicine

Raise Awareness

Global Advocacy, Campaign Projects, Host live Events, Sell Merchandise, Educational Events on- line, Partner with other organizations, Writing Articles

Grounding Keys

Kick the Approval Habit, Release & Reframe Beliefs, Action Boards, Clarity & Alignment, Stress Busters Living from the Soul


Sacred Circles, Humanitarian Support & Localization, Real Talk Events, Interviews, Consulting, Vision Trips, Strategic Alliance

On- Line Workshops

Growth Mindset, No Victims Here, Empower your Heart, Leading from Honesty & Integrity, Authentic Joy, Ease & Flow, Find Your Voice

Need Help?


A 1:1 coaching method helps clients overcome limiting subconscious beliefs, which can originate from family upbringing, cultural norms, societal pressures, personal experiences, or religious indoctrination, often resulting in religious trauma. The healing process taps into the ancient wisdom of the soul. Each session lasts one hour. 

An engaging 15-minute call, where we ask insightful questions to determine if Advocate of Soul is your perfect match. If so, we’ll dive into pricing details, and you can schedule your transformative sessions immediately during the call or conveniently via our online form or email.

At Advocate of Soul, clients are invited to nominate charities that align with their values, ensuring our contributions resonate with their passions. This client-driven selection process fosters collaboration and maximizes the impact of our support through tailored financial donations, volunteer efforts, and awareness campaigns. By promoting a culture of giving back, we inspire our clients to share their stories and create a ripple effect of positive change. Our approach celebrates shared values and strengthens connections, turning every project into a beacon of hope and progress. Choosing Advocate of Soul means joining a movement dedicated to kindness, collaboration, and transformative impact.

The number 8 symbolizes new beginnings and represents infinity. In smaller groups, there’s a profound sense of connection and community that can be nurtured. These intimate settings create a safe space where everyone feels seen, known, and heard.
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