Hey Everyone!

Welcome to my world. I’m Ellen Theresa, a beacon of hope and transformation, dedicated to Social Justice, Healing, Awakening, Religious Deconstruction, and overcoming Religious Trauma.

My story of personal freedom has empowered countless individuals to reclaim their power by dismantling systems of oppression and control. I invite everyone to live authentically, embracing the path that resonates with their soul’s deepest desires.

Having worked in over 20 nations leading humanitarian efforts, I’ve come to understand the profound importance of creating spaces where people feel valued and safe, free from judgment. I believe our world can be healed through the power of love and empathy.

Everything I do is rooted in hope. I believe in the possibility of wholeness for every individual, the freedom to live authentically, and the strength that comes from recognizing the beauty within your soul. My mission is to support people in birthing their dreams and fostering meaningful change.

I understand that our subconscious minds often hold us back, trapping us in past traumas and filling us with a sense of helplessness. This can be exhausting and disempowering. But there is good news. I offer practical tools to help individuals discover healthy ways of being, enabling them to live in alignment with their true selves and manifest their fullest potential.

Join me on a journey of soul evolution. Embrace your truth, rise to your power, and say yes to what stirs your soul. Together, we can create a world of freedom, compassion, and boundless potential. Contact me today!

As your Advocate of Soul Coach, I’m passionate about individuals transforming into who they were created to be. My medicine introduces you to the REAL YOU thru healing, clarity, and experiential freedom!

If any of what I offer is of interest, keep scrolling friends.

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Your Advocate of Soul,

Ellen Theresa

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Once a session is scheduled, Advocate of Soul will send a link to the email provided in the booking form through Stripe, PayPal, and other major credit card platforms. Due to the large volume of International bookings, new payment links can become available. 

Invoices are sent out based upon your contract or service agreement. Usually it’s within 1-3 days after a completion of payment is made.

There are times in life when cancellation of an appointment happens. We understand.

If for any reason you cannot attend a scheduled Coaching Session or other event, you are fully responsible to inform Advocate of Soul by sending an email listed in the contact form.

To reschedule, just book again your appointment through the contact form and AOS will let you know if the dates and times chosen suit. 


Yes. The Women’s Sacred Circle group is an 8 week package.

Vision Trips are a 4 week package.

On- line workshops are 6 week packages.

Advocate of Soul has been leading Vision Trips for over 12 years due to it’s involvement in international advocacy & awareness, humanitarian support & localization, campaigns and more.

Vision Trips are a way for people to connect with other nations around a common cause. When a specific work is done on the ground, there will be opportunity for people to visit the work and see it for themselves. It opens a door for people to see the interconnectedness of humanity. How we can walk alongside each other.

Currently Advocate of Soul is helping in the Ugenya community in Kenya. Be on the look out to see if in 2024, a Vision Trip is coming your way.